Great Salt Lake Elements:

The Air | Land | Water | Wildlife | History | Art of our Inland Sea

University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Fort Douglas Officers’ Club
May 7-9, 2014

We live along the shores of something Great.

Great Salt Lake

And, whether we perceive it or not...

during its relatively short life as a
remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville...

it has affected all of us.

From the ancients who lived
in the Great Salt Lake wetlands...

to the growing populations of today...

and tomorrow...

the Lake affect continues to modify,
influence and impress our lives...

and their lives...

and the lives of millions of migratory birds
that rely on it.

About the Issues Forum:

This is FRIENDS’ 10th Biennial Great Salt Lake Issues Forum. FRIENDS will celebrate its 20th Birthday in October 2014. Our gift to the people of Utah and to the Lake is to bring together the artists, historians, scientists, educators, policy makers, academics, and industry representatives, all of whom recognize the tremendous asset this unique ecosystem is to our culture, our community, and our consciousness. Thanks for being a part of this Great Salt Lake celebration.

May 7-9, 2014
Fort Douglas Officers Club
University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Alfred Lambourne (1850-1962), British-born American, The Cliffs
at Promontory
, 1887, oil on canvas, permanent collection Utah Museum of Fine
Arts, University of Utah, purchased with funds from Friends of the Art Museum