Christine Rohal


Strategic Management and Effective Control of Invasive Phragmites in Great Salt Lake Wetlands

With Chad Cranney

This talk will describe the results of recent research on prioritizing management and improving control of Phragmites along the Great Salt Lake. We will describe the spatial extent of Phragmites in GSL wetlands and the use of species distribution models to prioritize areas for control efforts. We will also discuss the effect of different management strategies for controlling both large and small patches of Phragmites.

Christine Rohal is the recipient of the 2014 Doyle W. Stephens Scholarship.
Christine’s research advisor, Dr. Karin Kettenring, will introduce Christine and provide brief remarks about her research prior to lunch on Thursday, May 8.
About the Doyle Stephens Scholarship

Christine is a graduate student in the Wetland Ecology lab at Utah State University. She ironically moved from Florida, a land of many wetlands, to Utah, where wetlands are comparatively rare, to study wetland management and restoration. She is implementing a Phragmites australis control experiment testing six treatments for their effectiveness in promoting Phragmites removal and native plant recovery.
Phragmites of the Willard Spur by <a href="">Charles Uibel</a>

Phragmites of the Willard Spur by Charles Uibel