Program Highlights & Schedule


Wednesday, May 7th – Reckoning with a Simply Complex Ecosystem

Free to the Public
  • Eared Grebe and Bald Eagle Mortality Event During Utah Winter 2013-14
  • 2013-2014 Brine Shrimp Harvest
  • Panel Discussion on Proposed Bridge Construction on the UPRR Causeway
  • Evolution of Great Salt Lake Minerals Pond Expansion Permit Request
  • Legacy of Mine Waste, and Long Term Management
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Thursday, May 8 th– Fabled History, Singular Beauty, Symbolizes Community

  • Restoring Greatness to a Salt Lake
  • Elemental Ways of Seeing: The Art of Great Salt Lake
  • 2014 Doyle Stephens Scholarship Award
  • The Freemont Culture During the Medieval Climatic Anomaly – Another Climate Change
  • Poster Session + Reception
  • Banquet at the Alta Club – Keynote: Tom Wharton
  • 2014 Friend of the Lake Award
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Friday, May 9th – Living Together Along the Shores of Something Hemispheric

  • Importance of Great Salt Lake as a Hub for Migratory Bird Conservation
  • Gunnison Island and Its Pelicans
  • The Legacy Preserve Today and Tomorrow
  • The Bear River- Conservation Action in GSL’s Largest Tributary
  • Learning from Sister Saline Systems in the Region and Around the Planet– Mono Lake (CA), Lake Urmia (Iran), Aral Sea (the Stans)
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Saturday, May 10th – Post Forum Field Trip

  • Antelope Island
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