Joro Walker


The Birds and the Bees – the Impacts of Air Pollution on Nature

In addition to protecting human health, the Clean Air Act strives to safeguard the environment. Just as fine particulate matter and ozone air pollution threatens the well-being of most of Utah’s citizens, it adversely affects Great Salt Lake and the birds and other organisms that depend on this crucial ecosystem. Ms. Walker will discuss how air pollution harms wildlife, water quality and habitat, how the Clean Air Act is intended to protect these values and how we should address Utah’s air pollution problem. At stake is not only public health, but Great Salt Lake and the multitude of life it supports.

Joro Walker is the Director of the Utah Office of Western Resource Advocates, regional a non-profit environmental law and policy organization. During her 16 years as a public interest environmental attorney, Ms. Walker has specialized in Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act litigation. With partners such as FRIENDS, Ms. Walker works to protect and enhance the Great Salt Lake watershed and ecosystem values.

Promontory Mountains from Bear River Refuge, October by <a href="">Sean Toomey</a>

Promontory Mountains from Bear River Refuge, October by Sean Toomey