Leland Myers


Panel Discussion on the Proposed Bridge Construction on the Union Pacific Railroad Causeway as Mitigation for closing the East and West Culverts

Protecting the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem Balance

The Great Salt Lake Advisory Council is committed to the long term health of the Lake’s ecosystem. Relative to the Causeway modifications the Council has adopted the following position: “The Council should work towards a solution that results in no further net migration of salt from the south arm to the north arm of Great Salt Lake.” This goal should be established for all causeway modifications.

Leland Myers is District Manager for Central Davis Sewer District and a member of the State Water Quality Board. He is currently the chair of the Great Salt Lake Advisory Council. Leland is a graduate of the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Utah and California and is a certified Wastewater Collection and Treatment Grade IV operator. Most people know him a fat guy who is way obsessed with sludge, sewer and toilets. He also owns two toilet plungers if you ever need to borrow one.