2016 Fall Fundraiser

The 2016 Fall Fundraiser will be held on Thursday, October 27th at The Garden Place at This is The Place Heritage Park from 6:00 to 9:00 PM

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Our 2016 Sponsors 

The Nature Conservancy in Utah

Epic Brewery

Dented Brick Distillery

Stephen G. & Susan E. Denkers Family Foundation 



Presentation by Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge Manager, Bob Barrett


Bob Barrett has worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over 29 years. He moved from the regional office in Denver to Utah to accept the Project Leader position at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. Since June 2007, Bob has worked on several key projects for the refuge such as the Bear River Watershed Conservation Area, developing effective environmental education program for 4th grader and pre-school students, outreach programs for the community and supporting public use programs. He enjoys spending time with his family, camping, bird-watching, photography, hunting and fishing.




Why We Care

  • Several years ago I was enchanted by Alfred Lambourne’s romanticized paintings of the Great Salt Lake, so began my own quest to explore its islands and capture what I saw in quick, plein air, oil sketches.

    I made many day-trips to Black Rock and spent a significant amount of time camping on Stansbury and Antelope Islands, climbing their trails and swimming in their bays. My paintings became my diary as I observed the changing light and shadow on the rocks and water. The brine flies and gnats often hovered over my shoulder anxious to immortalize themselves in the sticky colorful oil paint.

    Kirk Henrichsen, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant