2019 Utah Legislative Session

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The following three bills have implications for Great Salt Lake and need your support TODAY

OPPOSE H.B. 433 - Inland Port Amendments

H.B. 433 is a new bill that seeks to expand the Utah Inland Port. This means a larger land grab and prohibits local governments from challenging the Port Authority in court. The Inland Port would receive significant shipments of cargo and distribute via ground or rail, which would have major implications for our air and environment.Please call, email, or tweet your Senator and Representative to let them know you DO NOT supportH.B. 433 because Utahns care about the environmental impacts (e.g., air pollution, traffic) from the proposed Inland Port; and tell them why you care about Great Salt Lake.

SUPPORT H.J.R. - 23 Joint Resolution Withdrawing Approval for Class V Landfill

During 2016, the Utah Legislature approved Promontory Point Resources, LLC's proposal to build and operate a Class V solid waste landfill on the shores of Great Salt Lake without an environmental analysis or input from government agency scientists and regulators. Tell House members that it is not right for the Legislature to approve plans for hazardous waste dumps prior to full environmental analysis and permitting decisions by government agency scientists and regulators, and why you care about Great Salt Lake.

TELL HERBERT TO VETO H.B. 220 - Radioactive Waste Amendments

H.B. 220 greases the skids for dumping Class B & C Radioactive Waste and Depleted Uranium at Energy Solutions’ landfill. This passed the House and Senate. Please call, email, or tweet Governor Herbert and ask him to VETO H.B. 220 Let him know why protecting Utah's land and waters from radioactive waste is important to you.

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Why We Care

  • At twilight a wild and thrilling spectacle. . . . Dim and pale, the moon, the ghost of a dead world, lifted above the distant Wasatch peaks and stared at the acrid waters of a dead sea.

    Alfred Lambourne, Our Inland Sea, 1887