Evening Banquet at the Alta Club

Thursday, May 10thbanquet

100 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

6:30-7:00: Reception, Cash Bar

7:15-9:30: Supper in the Dining Room, Wine Service

8:15: Performance, Savage Poem Around Me,  Original Composition by Chris Mansfield with Text by Alfred Lambourne

8:30: 2018 Friend of the Lake Award to Steve E. Clyde, ClydeSnow





Chris Mansfield, Savage Poem Around Me

My composition includes lyrics from Alfred Lambourne's "Our Inland Sea." As such, it is based on Lambourne's and my experiences at the lake. Lambourne provides descriptive imagery of the lake in winter, but also details his emotional response to being alone in the immense wilderness--a response that is similar to my own. 

I lose my sense of time and place along the shore. The scenery mirrors scenery that came before, and yet there is always something new and beautiful! I go no where, despite walking miles, or the opposite: I travel miles without moving my feet. There is an all-encompassing sense of eternity by the water that is both inviting and isolating. It is this paradox I am attempting to convey through sound.

In music, meter and harmony keep time and movement. Thus, I use irregular meter and harmony to maintain stasis. Large block chords echo the expansive surroundings, while the singer voices Lamborne's solitude. The music converges on glissandi with the lyrics "waters." Thus, the rippling piano symbolizes the rippling water. The inner section reduces to a more intimate texture with an anxious chromatic bass line, serving to shift focus from the surroundings to the internal conflicts Lambourne describes in the corresponding text. Gradually the music expands, returning to block chords and the ultimate grandeur of the lake.

The Alta Club

Alta Club Facade.gif"Since 1883, the Alta Club has been the gathering place for Utah’s business, educational and political leaders. Originally modeled after the private club that flourished on the east and west costs in the late nineteenth century, the Alta Club has retained a traditional spirit while embracing the present. Located in the beautifully restored and historically significant Alta Club building in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, the Club will provide a unique experience of fine dining and a memorable experience.

Alta Club Dress Code

Driving Directions from the Fort Douglas area to the Alta Club

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Why We Care

  • We should bill the lake for what it is—a place of grandeur and solitude, which nourishes our thoughts and heightens our sensitivity to nature. Seen in that light, the brine flies become a fascinating curiosity more than an annoyance. The Great Salt Lake offers a wilderness experience, not a beach party, and no amount of promotion and development will change that.

    Dean L. May, Images of the Great Salt Lake