Lake Affect DVD


Living Together Along the Shores of Something Great


FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake continues a major regional education project designed to enhance both knowledge about and care for the future of our Great Salt Lake. We are proud to offer our Lake Affect DVD designed for children, students, and families.

View a preview of the DVD below.

Lake Affect DVD Support Materials

Program Description

Our DVD celebrates the biological, economic and recreational attributes of the western hemisphere's largest saline lake. Featuring the work of more than 30 area photographers, this dramatic film introduces the wealth of interrelationships, interdependencies and diversity among humans and all life, and between this life and the Great Salt Lake environment.

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Photographic and Graphic Contributors

We have benefited greatly from stunning photographs contributed by many area photographers. We are extremely pleased with and indebted to the support and generosity of those individuals and organizations, who are listed below.

Borg Andersen & Associates
Bruce Andersen, photographer
Lloyd Austin, UT Div. Water Resources
Elaine Barton, The Nature Conservancy
Mark Brunson, Utah State University
Bill Case, UT Geological Survey
Kathlyn Collins, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake
Creative Color Labs
Justin Dolling, UT Div. Wildlife Resources
Kristi DuBois, MT Dept. Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Libby Ellis, The Nature Conservancy
Bob Erwin, photographer
Jake Faibisch, UT Div. Wildlife Resources
John George, photographer
Lyle Gingery, Great Salt Lake State Park
Steve Greenwood, photographer

Howard Gross, SWCA
Andrew Hodge, photographer
Steve Ingram, Salt Island Adventures
James Kay, photographer
Russ Lawrence, UT Div. Wildlife Resources
Cecile LeBlanc, UT Div. Wildlife Resources
Don Leonard, Utah Artemia Association
Wayne Martinson, National Audubon Society
Ron Ollis, UT Div. Water Resources
Don Paul, biologist-photographer
Mike Radice, UT Div. Wildlife Resources
Doyle Stephens, US Geological Survey
Bruce Thompson, EcoTracs
Diana Vos, Project WILD, UT DWR


Thank You

This project made possible through the generous financial support of The Dr. Ezekiel R. and Edna Wattis Dumke Foundation, Great Salt Lake Audubon, The Patagonia Outlet, Utah Wetlands Foundation, The Wilburforce Foundation and FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake membership.


Why We Care

  • "Great Salt Lake is a special place. There is nothing else like it. Do we really want to imagine a time when we have to say "I remember when there used to be a big salty lake out there?" Can we really be so disconnected from our landscape that we fail to act before it's too late? We must protect this resource, this place of life and reflection."

    Janessa Edwards, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Education and Outreach Director