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Pack It Out Utah - Utah's First Statewide Trails & Waterways Cleanup

22 October 2020
Join us for Utah's first statewide trails and waterways cleanup! Utah’s public lands experienced a surge of outdoor recreation this year. While more people enjoying the great outdoors is inspiring, unfortunately, it has led to an increase in garbage ending up on trails, parks, neighborhoods, and eventually, in our waterways.…

Great Eared Grebe Regatta Winners!

19 October 2020
Congratulations to all the grebes who participated in our first ever Great Eared Grebe Regatta! Nearly 500 grebes raced toward the finish line on beautiful Silver Sands Beach at Great Salt Lake Marina State Park last Thursday. We're happy to announce the winners:  Grebe 124 (1st Place), Scott Dwire; Grebe…

2020 Protection Through Partnerships Honoree: Marcelle Shoop

12 October 2020
FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake is proud to recognize our 2020 Protection Through Partnerships honoree, Marcelle Shoop. Marcelle is the Program Director of National Audubon Society's Saline Lakes Program, which works to conserve and protect saline lake ecosystems throughout the West. The Saline Lakes Program has played a key role…

Reimagine Nature: SLC Public Lands Master Plan

29 September 2020
  How do you imagine Salt Lake City's public lands in the next 20 years?  Salt Lake City is now beginning the process of developing a new Public Lands Master Plan that will guide the divisions of Parks, Trails & Natural Lands, and Urban Forestry for the next 10-20 years. The…

2020 Alfred Lambourne Arts Program prizes awarded

25 September 2020
FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Alfred Lambourne Program prizes. The judges have selected: Paola Bidinelli, visual arts, for "Euritmia, dance on the lake" Joel Long, literary arts, for "Rivers Find Salt" Rachel Barker, movement, for "Sand Body Sky" Chris Mansfield, sound,…

Join us for International Coastal Cleanup 2020!

03 September 2020
  Join FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake and Budget Dumpster for International Coastal Cleanup 2020 - a socially distanced stewardship event to explore and protect our watershed!  What: The International Coastal Cleanup focuses on collecting and removing trash pollution from the Great Salt Lake Watershed. We also want to record data about the type…

Why We Care

  • We live along the Great Salt Lake, one of the most extraordinary natural features in North America. I do not believe we, as a community, have honored its rarity. Our lack of intimacy toward this inland sea is not out of neglect, but of ignorance. We do not know the nature of this vast body of water that sparkles and sings. If we did, the shores of the Great Salt Lake would look different.

    Terry Tempest Williams, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Advisory Board