Executive Director's Message

Proposal for Union Pacific Railroad Communal Track to Serve Promontory Point Industries Lacks Necessary Details and Raises Red Flags

26 November 2018
Proposal for Union Pacific Railroad Communal Track to Serve Promontory Point Industries Lacks Necessary Details and Raises Red Flags “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” The Wizard of Oz On August 7th, 2018, the Union Pacific Railroad (Union Pacific) submitted partial information to the Army Corps of…

The Responsibility to Sustain the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem in Perpetuity Falls Squarely on the Shoulders of the State of Utah

25 July 2018
Executive Director's Message – Summer 2018 “The Lake is as essential to who we are and what we are as anything. When Great Salt Lake is in peril, the state is in peril. “ –Warren Peterson, State Water Strategy Advisory Team Co-chair  On March 23, 2018, water right application No.…

The Beat Goes On – And So Must We With Our Continuing Vigilance to Protect Great Salt Lake

04 May 2018
Executive Director's Message – Spring 2018 “Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into. “ Oliver Hardy to Stan Laurel (Laurel & Hardy) On February 16, 2018 – just short of a year into the process – Promontory Point Resources LLC (PPR) withdrew its application for a Class V Permit,…

Adjacent Land Use Matters for Great Salt Lake

20 December 2017
Winter 2018 -Executive Director’s Message- “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”             - The Lorax The lay of the land- Less than 20 miles from Gunnison Island, a protected sanctuary for the third largest…

On the Water Front of Great Salt Lake - Taking the Initiative to Identify Ways to Provide Water for the Lake is the Right Thing to Do

20 December 2017
Executive Director’s Message – Summer 2017  “Great Salt Lake is an important resource and provides so many ecological, biological, economic and recreational opportunities that we cannot ignore it much longer. Climate change and our current hydrologic cycle may be our new normal. If so, we will all have to learn…

Winter 2016: Great Salt Lake – A Body of Work that Must be Included in our Vision for Utah’s Water Future

02 March 2017
Executive Director’s Message – Winter 2017 Great Salt Lake – A Body of Work that Must be Included in our Vision for Utah’s Water Future “Show up. Dive in. Stay at it!” -The 44th President of the United States - Barack Obama in his final address to the American people…

Fall 2016: Pinch Points on the System from Record Low Elevations Require Critical Timing and Water to Address Important Ecosystem Services of Great Salt Lake

04 November 2016
Current GSL Lake elevation : Gilbert Bay/South Arm 4,192.29’ Gunnison Bay/North Arm 4,189 ’ “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me during my recent trip to Utah to discuss the profound environmental challenges facing the Great Salt Lake. It was a pleasure to tour the Great Salt…

Spring 2016: Great Salt Lake - The Gift That Keeps on Giving – Just Add Water

04 May 2016
“ He (Farooq Azam) turned and looked up at the peak in front of him. “Once I do that (find out what is happening to the Chhota Shigri Glacier in the Himalayan peaks of Northern India) the next step will be to decide what has to be done. But these…

Fall 2015: Finding “Here” at Great Salt Lake - No Matter Where you Go – There You Are

17 November 2015
“God, how I long to go out West again someday – to drive some blue highway in Nevada or Utah until there’s absolutely nothing around me, then stop the car, in the middle of the road, maybe, and get out and just stand there, where I can see the horizon…

Spring 2015: Contemplating the Yin and Yang of Great Salt Lake – How Committed Are We When Lake Levels Go Down?

07 May 2015
“I want to have enough water so we can turn those damn pumps on again.” - The late Governor Norm Bangerter (1933- 2015) I would add a bittersweet amen to that, Governor. I think it was the spring of 2003 when FRIENDS hosted a field trip to the West Desert…

Fall 2014: The Writing on the Wall is Very Clear - Now is the Time to Commit to Comprehensive Watershed-Based Restoration and Protection for Great Salt Lake

12 December 2014
Lake elevation on 11/12/2014 – 4,193.3’ asl “We need holistic, collaborative and comprehensive water policy to protect our valued resources while facilitating smart growth.” -Joe Havasi, Director, Natural Resources Compass Minerals On October 23rd, FRIENDS celebrated 20 years of our collective work to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake…

Spring 2014: Resolution of Appreciation of Great Salt Lake is Well Deserved for a Lake that Continues to Contribute to our Culture, our Community and our Consciousness

02 April 2014
“I want to learn more about it and share what is there with my children and grandchildren that I’m sure don’t know. And probably write down some of the stories of [my husband’s] family that have lived out there.” -Focus group participant in Carla Koons Trentleman’s Ph.D dissertation Place Attachment…

Why We Care

  • Years ago the Great Salt Lake was a entertainment destination for the people of Salt Lake City. One of my ancestors had a vacation home near Black Rock, where he would take his family to escape the heat and cares of the city. That was a long time ago and a lot has changed since then. For many reasons the lake is not as popular as it once was. But it has been a source of peace, contemplation, and inspiration to me. I reflect on photos I have seen of the grand days of Saltair and the love of floating in the lake. I have done this myself on numerous occasions. I love the sensation of effortlessly floating. And we can escape the cares of the world.

    Clinton Whiting, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant