Utah State Correctional Facility Update

29 March 2016 Published in News & Events

The Utah Department of Administrative Services has a new website for The New Utah State Correctional Facility: http://newutahstatecorrectionalfacility.com/.

The first page of this website shows the three sites that are being considered within the Northwest Quadrant. The Central site is new. Below the map is information on the progress being made regarding review of each site. The site selection will probably not occur until sometime this summer or perhaps later.

There is a Correctional Facility Outreach Group that has been developed through the Department of Administrative Services. The chair of the Committee is Kimberly Hood, Director. The current plan is for this group to meet monthly. The next meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, March 29th.

Invited to this meeting are the following people:

Ella Sorensen – National Audubon Society
Wayne Martinson – National Audubon Society
Lynn de Freitas – FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake
D.J. Williams – Utah Waterfowl Association,
Harrison Reclamation Co.
Kevin Jones – Ancient Places Consulting
Jack Ray – Utah Waterfowl Association


Why We Care

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    - John Muir describing a swim in Great Salt Lake