California's Largest Lake Will Soon Dry Up

15 June 2016 Published in News & Events

Our friends at Environment & Energy News recently published this update on the drying Salton Sea. This is part two of their Dead Seas series.

"California's largest lake (350 square miles) is about to be turned into a toxic dust bowl with potentially catastrophic health consequences for about 650,000 people who live in and around the sprawling drainage basin.

"The Salton Sea will begin rapidly drying up at the end of next year under the terms of a state-backed water transfer from this agricultural area to San Diego. The result will be up to 103 square miles of dusty salt flat -- an area the size of Sacramento tainted by pesticides, selenium, arsenic and lead."

Read the full article, "Dead Seas: Landmark water transfer creates environmental wasteland" here.

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Why We Care

  • Much has been made of the tragic loss of rain forests in our hemisphere... But, in fact, because of their productivity of plant and animal matter rich in fats and proteins, freshwater marshes are the most productive ecosystems on Earth.

    Charles Potter, former Executive Director, North American Wildlife Foundation