Despite Success, Mono Lake Still Faces Threats Due To Drought, Climate Change

29 June 2016 Published in News & Events

Our friends and Energy & Environment News recently published this update on Mono Lake in California. This is part four of their Dead Sea series. 

"Now, advocates for Mono Lake tout it as a model that could work for other imperiled lakes... 

"Without the regulations, Mono Lake would have been doomed. But the ultimate goal -- to restore Mono Lake's water to ecologically healthy levels -- is far from realized. Due to a combination of drought and warming temperatures, Mono Lake is now close to its lowest level in 10 years and is nearly 15 feet below the goal of the regulations...

"Air pollution around the lake consequently now reaches nearly 100 times the federal standard for coarse particulate matter during windstorms. It's the country's largest source of dust."

Read the full article, "Dead Seas: Drought threatens 'genius' regs that stopped L.A. water grab" here.

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Why We Care

  • I grew up in Clinton, Utah, not far from the Great Salt Lake. From a young age the lake became a place of recreation, discovery, and solace. Every visit to its shores provides a unique and inspiring experience.

    Justin Wheatley, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant