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22 July 2019 Published in News & Events

A new landfill is just one step away from dumping garbage near the shores of Great Salt Lake.

Utah's Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control (Division) approved a permit modification for groundwater monitoring wells on a controversial landfill site on Promontory Peninsula operated by Promontory Point Resources, LLC (PPR),

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake (FRIENDS), a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem through education, research, advocacy, and the arts, intends to appeal the permit approval to the Executive Director of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

The FRIENDS' administrative appeal focuses on the following:

  1. the Division’s approval did not require PPR to conduct the necessary studies to determine if the landfill will harm the Lake through groundwater contamination.
  2. The Division either discounted or ignored the results of previous independent investigations that reported the “highly-fractured” nature of the bedrock and local hydrogeologic conditions that show groundwater connectivity with the Lake.
  3. In spite of multiple requests by the Division for PPR to develop a defensible groundwater flow model for the area around the landfill and address concerns regarding the suitability of the landfill location, PPR refused the requests.
  4. The Division proceeded in the spirit of this refusal and approved the permit without including the results from previous independent studies and the lack of a defensible groundwater flow model.

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Why We Care

  • It is a desert of water in a desert of salt and mud and rock, one of the most desolate and desolately beautiful of regions. Its sunsets, seen across water that reflects like polished metal, are incredible. Its colors are of a staring, chemical purity. The senses are rubbed raw by its moonlike horizons, its mirages, its parching air, its moody and changeful atmosphere.

    Wallace Stegner, "Dead Heart of the West" in American Places, 1981