November & December Events at Antelope Island

19 November 2019 Published in News & Events

Check out these upcoming events and plan your next visit to Antelope Island!

Thanks to our FRIENDS at Antelope Island State Park for hosting and organizing these fun opportunities to learn more about the Island's unique history and ecology.




November & December 2019 - Every Friday and Saturday

Every Friday and Saturday, come enjoy a guided tour of the historic Fielding Garr Ranch. Meet at the ranch at 1:00 pm. For more information, contact


December 7, 2019 - Who's Home on the Range

Join the Park Naturalist at 10:00 am in the Visitor Center to learn about the diverse wildlife that calls Antelope Island "Home". We will discuss why they are here, how they survive this harsh environment, and what our roles are as visitors in their homes. No reservation required. For more information, contact


Throughout 2019 - 50 Miles for 50 Years Challenge 50th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Print the brochures and get out and enjoy the park! 


Why We Care

  • The lake is elemental. It seems to arise from creation itself, the embodiment of Aristotle's classical concept of matter and the universe: earth, air, fire, and water. Seen in this ethereal light -- the gloom of dusk lit by fiery sunlight, alien and snow-covered, leaking water and struggling to exist -- it connects to secret and ancient things. Aristotle's insight may have come to him in a dream, and the dream surely looked like this.

    Thomas Horton, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant