Join us for International Coastal Cleanup 2020!

03 September 2020 Published in News & Events

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Join FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake and Budget Dumpster for International Coastal Cleanup 2020 - a socially distanced stewardship event to explore and protect our watershed! 

What: The International Coastal Cleanup focuses on collecting and removing trash pollution from the Great Salt Lake Watershed. We also want to record data about the type and weight of the trash collected to better understand our impact on our watershed. In 2019, 65 volunteers removed 2,171 lbs. of trash and debris from the shores of Great Salt Lake 

When: September 24-28, 2020 (Thursday-Monday)

Where: Because all waterways in our watershed flow to Great Salt Lake, you can collect trash anywhere in our terminal basin! Whether on the beach of Great Salt Lake, along the Jordan River Parkway, or in runoff gutters along your own street – anywhere you remove trash will improve water quality, wildlife habitat, and the health of the Great Salt Lake ecosystem. Check out our map of suggested locations.

How: Sign up on our Eventbrite page, then use the Clean Swell app or our paper data sheet to record the trash you collect outside.

Safety Considerations

  • Follow your current local health guidelines. These guidelines may include maintaining 6 feet of distance from individuals who are not part of your household whenever possible and wearing a face covering when social distancing is difficult to maintain consistently.
  • Students, if you are leaving home, get permission from your parents and/or guardians.
  • Wear gloves or use a trash-grabber while picking up trash and wash your hands thoroughly when done.
  • Do not pick up any items that may be dangerous (broken glass, rusty metal, needles, medications, etc.)
  • Be careful of cars if picking up trash near roads.
  • Respect living things and private property boundaries wherever you’re collecting trash. 

Visit for all the details about how to participate!

Contact Katie Newburn at with any questions. 


Why We Care

  • We live along the Great Salt Lake, one of the most extraordinary natural features in North America. I do not believe we, as a community, have honored its rarity. Our lack of intimacy toward this inland sea is not out of neglect, but of ignorance. We do not know the nature of this vast body of water that sparkles and sings. If we did, the shores of the Great Salt Lake would look different.

    Terry Tempest Williams, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Advisory Board