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UPRR Causeway 401 Water Quality Certification Project Update

02 February 2015
On January 7, 2015, DWQ received the antidegradation (ADR) and a revised Comprehensive Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (CMMP) from UPRR.  DWQ intends to request public comments through the Public Notice process from January 21, 2015, through February 20, 2015, on the Cert.  DWQ may alter the Cert decision-to-issue or conditions…

Great Salt Lake at near-record low level

02 February 2015
A very informative article with lots of great contributors, including our Executive Director Lynn de Freitas.   Click here for the full Salt Lake Tribune article.

Easement fight could delay railroad causeway project on the Great Salt Lake

01 February 2015
Scientists say Union Pacific causeway must be breached to protect ecosystem, brine industries. What do you think?  Read the full article here

Mineral extraction water withdrawals on Great Salt Lake

13 January 2015
Using lake water for mineral extraction is just one of the threats Great Salt Lake faces year after year.   This report by Dr. Johnnie Moore details impacts from mineral extraction water withdrawals on the Lake when elevations are low.   To read the full report, Preliminary Assessment of the…

A Measure of Salt: Contemporary Artists Engaging Great Salt Lake

02 January 2015
A Measure of Salt: Contemporary Artists Engaging Great Salt Lake is a group exhibition of twenty artists from Salt Lake City, New York City, and Los Angeles, each of who finds artistic inspiration in the salt of Utah’s inland sea. The lake, no matter where one lives in the state…

20 Years Protecting Great Salt Lake

13 November 2014
Maybe you have heard already but FRIENDS turned 20 this year! In celebration of 20 years protecting our Inland Sea we are adding a new page to the site. A page for reflection and celebration of the work we have done, and the work we will continue to do. Click…

Why We Care

  • While photographing at The Great Salt Lake, I learned that it is a vastly different experience than other bodies of water. It is other-worldy, eerie, and beautiful at the same time. It is calming, peaceful, and a very inspirational place to be. Some may call the experience spiritual. Others may call it freeing. I call it magical.

    My favorite quote is by Loren Eisley; “If there is magic in this world, it is contained in water.” I absolutely believe that The Great Salt Lake is a place of magic, and that is what I strive to showcase.

    -- Tylyn Cullison, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant