May 06, 2022

Northpoint Small Area Plan

The Northpoint Small Area Plan will provide guidance on future development and use of property along 2200 West Corridor in the Northwest Planning Community of Salt Lake City.

The previous plan for the area was adopted in 2000. Since that time, the development pressure along the 2200 West Corridor has increased and the interest in annexations of adjacent unincorporated land has increased. The combined forces present a unique challenge for the city and the balancing of sometimes competing values, such as protecting the Salt Lake International Airport, preserving agricultural land and wildlife habitat, and recognizing property rights.

Although it is characterized as a small area plan, the significance of this unique landscape has huge implications for important agricultural properties, an existing residential community, open space, and tremendous conservation values that comprise it. As a community adjacent to Great Salt Lake, these existing values are recognized as critical assets during a time when so much of this kind of land use is rapidly disappearing.

Come and participate in this planning process that will be instrumental in shaping the future of a “small” but extremely precious landscape.

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