May 28, 2021

PPR Fails Needs Assessment for Class V Permit for the Third Time

For the third time since 2017, Promontory Point Resources, LLC’s (PPR) attempt to show the need for an additional Class V landfill in the state has fallen short.  As a result of an open records request to the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control, FRIENDS obtained a copy of the May 7, 2021 evaluation of PPR’s deficient October 2020 “Class V Permit Needs Assessment Report.” In its evaluation, SC&A – the company who had done the previous evaluations – found that PPR’s Needs Assessment Report does not meet the statutory requirements because it “is missing content . . . and has several important data and information gaps.”  The evaluation further concludes that PPR’s Needs Assessment also failed because “the adverse environmental impacts associated with the Class V permit outweigh the environmental benefits,” and because PPR failed to address the significant gaps identified in SC&A’s 2017 evaluation.  Below is PPR’s Needs Assessment Report, SC&A’s evaluation, and a 3-page summary of the information contained in the evaluation.

PPR's Needs Assessment Report

SC&A Evaluation

Needs Assessment Report Summary