October 23, 2021

House Speaker to hold summit on saving the Great Salt Lake

House Speaker to hold summit on saving the Great Salt Lake Photo by: Rick Bowmer/AP

By: Ben Winslow

Posted at 3:43 PM, Oct 22, 2021 and last updated 8:56 PM, Oct 22, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY — One of House Speaker Brad Wilson's constituents is the Great Salt Lake.

"A little known secret: I represent about half of the Great Salt Lake in the fighting 15th," he said in an interview with FOX 13, referencing his district number.

Speaker Wilson, R-Kaysville, will convene a summit in January focused on ways to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake, which has hit a record low level. It's now a foot below the last recorded low, set in 1963.

The Great Salt Lake, a massive water body and a critical part of northern Utah's ecosystem, is now in danger. Climate change, drought and water diversion has had a significant impact. The receding waters threaten wildlife and people living around it — dust storms will increase, lake effect snow can diminish and the exposed lake bed itself has toxins in it.

"Everyone in the state recognizes the important, the really important impact the lake has on our climate, on our economy, on our quality of life and there’s some risks that we need to be aware of," Speaker Wilson said.

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