April 21, 2022

États-Unis: une sécheresse historique à Salt Lake City - Journal de 20 heures | TF1

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TF1 | Report A. Monnier, A. Ponsard

19 Apr 2022 at 20:26

"C'est sauvage, c'est immense, c'est irréel". Mais la réalité est qu'il n'y a plus d'eau dans le lac salé de Salt Lake City. Il est loin le temps où le site grouillait de baigneurs.

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"It's wild, it's huge, it's unreal". But the reality is that there is no more water in Salt Lake City's salt lake. Gone are the days when the site was teeming with swimmers. "It's completely empty, there is barely 40 cm of water," it says. This is not enough for the Marina to accommodate its 150 boats. They haven't seen the water for months. "There is very little chance that these boats will return to the water this year. It's terrible, it's a small marina. Everyone knows each other, we sail together on weekends. Now we've lost that link," said Dave Shearer, park and marina manager. “The lake is at its lowest historical level. It has never had so little water. I shouldn't be able to stand here, I'd be almost in the middle of the lake with water at normal levels, up to my neck. This drought is worrying more and more the residents of Utah", reports Axel Monnier. With her association and its 800 members, Lynn De Freitas is leading the fight to save the lake. A site that generates 1.3 billion dollars in benefits tourist, industrial or commercial. First cause, chronic drought. This winter again, the levels of rain and snow are lower than normal. But there is another reason. "The drop in the level of the lake is above all the consequence of human activities and of all the water that we divert, of an irrational consumption", according to her.

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