Poster Session

2022 Poster Session

The goal of the poster session is to feature education, biology, hydrology, chemistry, geology, ecology, archaeology, historical, economic and/or planning issues pertinent to Great Salt Lake and its management. All researchers from across sectors and disciplines are invited to share their work.

Poster Presentation Requirements:

2022 Poster Session submissions are now closed.

2022 Poster Session Abstracts

Poster dimensions should not exceed 3’ 9” x 3’ 9”. Size requirements must be strictly adhered to so they fit within the space assigned to them. If your poster exceeds these specifications, it may be subject to removal. Pins and display boards will be provided. 

The Poster Session will be located in the Douglas Ballroom. If possible, please bring your poster to the venue on Wednesday, May 18th. You may leave your poster at the registration table or with Brenda Bowen. The poster session will be May 19th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm, please plan to stand by your poster during that time. Posters need to be removed no later than the afternoon of May 20th. 

Please contact Dr. Brenda Bowen or Laurie Mecham with any questions. 


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Gary Crandall, Tundra Swans