The Alfred Lambourne Prize

Alfred Lambourne Prize

FRIENDS celebrates the relationship between local artists and one of Utah’s most precious natural resources, Great Salt Lake. Through artistic expressions, we enhance our capacity to build awareness about the Lake and our need to preserve and protect it for the future.

In 2014, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake established The Alfred Lambourne Prize, an annual recognition and celebration of regional creativity inspired by our inland sea. FRIENDS invited creative work inspired by the Lake in the forms of visual arts, literary arts, sound and movement. 

The prize takes its name from the renowned painter and writer Alfred Lambourne (1850-1926). Born in England, he moved with his family to the United States and settled in Salt Lake City in 1866. Lambourne’s artistic talents were put to use painting scenery for the Salt Lake Theater. He developed an early and passionate interest in Great Salt Lake, inspired in part by reading Captain Howard Stansbury’s account of the 1850 survey of the lake (Exploration and survey of the valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, 1852). Lambourne traveled the lake by sailboat and lived for a time on Gunnison Island in the hopes of obtaining land there through homesteading.

Lambourne is remembered for the dozens of sketches and paintings he created of Great Salt Lake as he captured facets of water, light, and land in the romantic style reminiscent of the Hudson River School painters. His writing, based upon his time on Gunnison Island, stands out as the earliest, most evocative prose penned on the Lake’s physical attributes and psychological impressions. Lambourne melded fact and fiction as he wrote first in serial fashion about the lake for The Deseret News then published these writings as Pictures of an Inland Sea (1894; 1902) and Our Inland Sea: The Story of a Homestead (1909).

Visually inspired and poetic in nature, Lambourne bestowed upon us the Lake through lyrical prose:

"There is another phenomenon to be seen at infrequent periods on the Inland Sea, one that is unpaintable, and also, I believe, entirely local. It is to be witnessed during the calm summer twilights, when the pale, fairy-like tints on the water are breathed upon by opposite currents of languid wind. As they interplay in bands, in points, in shifting isles of amber, azure and rose, the whole surface shimmers and glistens like a silken robe studded with countless pearls."

The significance of Great Salt Lake to Lambourne as he engaged in his subject across several modes of artistic expression was key in FRIENDS’ decision to name the annual arts and humanities prize after him.

Artists and authors, Hikmet Loe and Holly Simonsen, co-chair the Alfred Lambourne Prize Committee for FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake. They are responsible for administering the prize, establishing the judges, and cataloging the submissions.

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blob.jpgHikmet Sidney Loe

Born and raised on the east coast, Hikmet fell in love with the arid desert lands of Utah and the environs of Great Salt Lake. She is an artist, writer, and teacher whose work draws inspiration from the smaller patterns found in the larger environment and from the changeable nature of land, water, and sky. She teaches art history at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, and teaches for the Venture Course. Her research on Robert Smithson’s earthwork the Spiral Jetty has led to her cumulative work, The Spiral Jetty Encyclo: Exploring Robert Smithson’s Earthwork through Time and Place (2017, University of Utah Press). She contributes regularly to the online magazine 15 Bytes ( and has essays included in the online site She is an active member of FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake, and in 2014 received their biannual "Friend of the Lake Award" for her outreach and dedication to issues surrounding Utah's inland sea.





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Holly Simonsen

Holly lives and works in her native Utah landscape, where her creations explore the relationship between language and ecologically disrupted environments, specifically Great Salt Lake. Although primarily a poet, her work often migrates off the page into 3D spaces. She earned her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She was a recent fellow at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT and at the Djerassi Resident Artists’ Program in Woodside, CA. She currently works as an adjunct professor of English and literature at Westminster College and as the Membership Coordinator for FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake. Links to her published work can be found at



2018 5th Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize

Click here to view photographs from the event. All photographs by Charles Uibel. 

Visual Arts Winner: Kathleen Carricaburu for Allegory of the Desert. View more of Carricaburu's work by clicking here.

cu 180907 193242 2             carricaburu


Literary Arts Winner: Amy Brunvand for Crown of Sonnets for Great Salt Lake 

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Movement Winner: Beth Krensky for Metaphysical Handcart. View more of Krensky's work by clicking here.

cu 180907 193346 .     



Sound Winner: Charles Uibel and Mark Boer for Pictures From A Life. View the entire submission by clicking here.

cu 180907 193424       

Screen Shot 2018 09 17 at 12.07.35 PM


2018 Alfred Lamboure Arts Program is sponsored in part by a Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, & Parks Grant. ZAP is You!



2017 4th Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize

Visual Arts Winner: Michael Sharp for History/Prehistory 

 cu 170908 194222 84 original

 historyprehistory 2



Literary Arts Winner: Alicia Anderson for lacustrine

Screen Shot 2017 09 11 at 1.24.54 PM



Movement Winner: Kendall Fischer for Breathing Sky

cu 170908 194313 85 original

Screen Shot 2017 09 11 at 1.27.27 PM


Sound WInner: Stuart Wheeler for Red Lake 

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2016 3rd Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize

Click here to view photos from the event.

Visual Arts Winner: Virginia Cattherall  

 61502059891 Media 01 1



 Literary Arts Winner, Maurine Haltiner

IMG 2539



Sound Winner, Jules Jimreivat & Syd Sattler

IMG 2407 



Movement Winner, Sarah Whiting & Wasatch Jr. High

IMG 2553


Sponsors: Yae Bryner, Allen & Julie Dodworth, Bruce Fowler, The Nature Conservancy in Utah, The Phillips Gallery, Ali Sabbah, The Sorenson Unity Center, The Taproot Foundation 

2015 2nd Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize

ALP 2015 winner

Winner : Max Rosenzweig, Visual Artist for his piece entitled Ephemeral Nonsites of the Great Salt Lake and Lake Bonneville

Sponsors : Bruce Fowler, John Milliken, Yae Bryner

2014 1st Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize

Winner : Marden Pond, Sound Artist, for his musical composition entitled "Sanctuary."

Sponsors : Bruce Fowler, Alderwood Fine Art, Will Bagley, Ben Behunin Pottery, Community Foundation of Utah, Meri DeCaria, Steve "Doc" Floor, David Glover, D. Goodell, InterNet Properties Inc, Richard Johnson, Wayne Martinson & Deb Sawyer, Capitol Hill Construction, Irving C. Smith, Springville Art Museum, XMission




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Why We Care

  • Sunday evening in March 2016, our family visited Black Rock Beach to view the Great Salt Lake. My one year old son just loved running up and down the beach, and touching his toes in the salty water. It was evening and as the sun settled in the west, the lake came alive with previously hidden texture and beauty. We watched in awe as the magnificence of the lake reviled itself, and I just had to capture the moment with my camera.

    Julie Meadows, Alfred Lambourne Prize Participant