Lakeside Learning Field Trips

Lakeside Learning is a 2.5 hour inquiry-based field trip program for fourth grade students. Aligned with Utah's Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) Standards, students will engage in Scientific Practices, apply Crosscutting Concepts, and explore Disciplinary Core Ideas through firsthand experience of natural phenomena within the Great Salt Lake ecosystem. Students will also learn about the threats facing Great Salt Lake and how they can help protect it.

Lakeside Learning Field Trips take place at two locations: Antelope Island State Park (open to all schools) and Great Salt Lake State Park (open only to the Tooele County School District). Please click on the location below for details and application instructions.

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Field Trip Costs and Transportation Reimbursement

We are pleased to offer financial assistance to public schools by offering FREE field trips PLUS bus reimbursement grants. For private schools and homeschool groups, we charge a small instructional fee and are unable to offer transportation grants at this time.

Public School and Public Charter School

  • FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake pays state park admission fees
  • FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Instructional Fee — $0
  • Transportation Reimbursement provided by FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake — Up to $300 per school

Private School and Homeschool

  • FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake pay the state park admission fees
  • FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake Instructional Fee — $50 for groups of 30 students or less. $150 for groups of 31-75 students.
  • No transportation reimbursement available

Lakeside Learning Field Trip Safety Protocols

Thank You to Our Lakeside Learning Sponsors

  • Cargill Salt
  • The Sorenson Legacy Foundation
  • Utah Wetlands Foundation
  • Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development
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