2018 Great Salt Lake Issues Forum
Lake Elevated: Keeping the Lake Great
May 9 - 11 | University of Utah Officers Club

Great Salt Lake Issues Forum

The 2018 Great Salt Lake Issues Forum will be May 9,10 + 11th at the University of Utah Fort Douglas Officers Club. The program title is Lake Elevated. Keeping the Lake Great. 

Since 1996, we have been hosting the GSL Issues Forum as a way to encourage constructive dialogue about the future of the Lake’s ecosystems and its resources, and to illuminate the complexities involved in research, management, and planning for the Lake. We do this by exploring the Lake from many different angles and in many different contexts--far beyond its resource development potential--to emphasize its ecological value as well as the intrinsic value it contributes to our history, culture, and spirit. And because Great Salt Lake is hemispherically important to millions of migratory birds, the forum reaches beyond our own backyard into the region, the hemisphere, and to global communities with saline systems to learn from others who are working with similar challenges. 

With our growing awareness of trends in near record low elevations of the Lake coupled with less than stellar snowpack conditions and climate change, the time is ripe to bring people together to engage in timely and productive discussions about Utah’s water future and how Great Salt Lake fits into that picture. 

Be a part of something Great as we bring together the artists, historians, scientists, educators, policy makers, academics, and industry representatives, all of whom recognize the tremendous asset this unique ecosystem is to our culture, our community, and our consciousness. 

More program details coming soon. 

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Why We Care

  • Save the dashing of the waves against the shore absolutely nothing is heard. Not the jumping of a fish, the chirp of an insect nor any of the least thing betokening life, unless it be that very rarely a solitary gull is disturbed in his midnight rumination and flies screaming away. All is stillness and solitude profound.

    Captain Howard Stansbury, The Stansbury Expedition