The 1st Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize

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And The Winner Is... 


Dr. Marden Pond


On September 19, 2014, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake awarded the First Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize to Dr. Marden Pond, Sound Artist, for his musical composition entitled "Sanctuary."

Marden Pond describes his work as, "This three-segment composition emphasizes intriguing apsects of Utah's 'Inland Sea' which provides a protected and isolated, yet lively environment for the remarkable natural activity." 

Visit his website for more on Marden Pond and his work


Bruce Fowler Lambourne Prize Remarks:

Bruce is the sponsor of the 1st Annual Alfred Lambourne Prize, and is the great grandson of Lambourne. He’s a musician and composer and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Thank you very much for coming out to the awarding of the first annual  “Alfred Lambourne Prize”, celebrating in the arts, our beloved inland sea.

Many thanks to FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake for including all the arts in this prize; Alfred would have wanted, no insisted on that. He was exposed to them all during his long association with the Salt Lake Theater, where he got his first instruction and experience in painting and letters.

I’d like to say a brief few words about Alfred’s association with the Lake.

He first fell in love with Great Salt Lake when he arrived in 1866 at the age of 16 and drew a sketch of the Salt Lake Valley from the trail as they descended. His first painting of the lake was in 1869 and it was followed with many more in the early 1870s, but his obsession really took hold when he was able to make several extended voyages with his friend D L Davis in the mid 1880s on Davis’s yacht the “Cambria”, during which he discovered Gunnison Island, which he would later attempt to homestead, so as to form an artist’s colony there. These trips resulted in a series of some of Alfred’s greatest paintings from 1885-1888, many of which were displayed at the recent University of Utah Museum of Fine Arts exhibit.

As Alfred’s career turned more towards the pen, he combined his art with writing to produce “ A Glimpse of the Great Salt Lake from the Union Pacific”, a profusely illustrated pamphlet given to passengers and prospective passengers from 1890 to 1900.

This was followed by a series of books, “Pictures of an Inland Sea” (1895, 1902) and finally “Our Inland Sea, the Story of a Homestead” (1909). All of these are available as reprints or online at the Library of Congress.

Alfred turned back to painting in 1920 and many of his last works were scenes from his memories of traveling Great Salt Lake.

Lastly, Alfred Lambourne was a dedicated and learned ecologist who valued the pristine nature of Utah and Great Salt Lake. In his memory, I hope we do everything possible to preserve them as he would have wanted.

Thanks again to all the wonderful artists who have participated in this event,

Lynn de Freitas and FRIENDS, and Tom Alder, who have made it all possible.

“O thou sculptor, painter, poet, Take this lesson to heart; That is best which lieth nearest; Shape from that thy work of art.”  (Longfellow was quoted by Lambourne in “Our Inland Sea”)

Bruce Lambourne Fowler



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Why We Care

  • We live along the shores of something GREAT - Great Salt Lake.

    And whether we preceive it or not

    During its relatively short life as a remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville

    It has affected all of us.

    From the ancients who lived in the Great Salt lake wetlands

    To the growing populations of today and tomorrow

    The Lake affect continues to modify, influence and impress our lives.


    Lynn de Freitas, FRIENDS Executive Director