Jeff DenBleyker

Project Manager and Water Resources Engineer



Jeff has been a project manager and water resources engineer at CH2M, now known as Jacobs, in Salt Lake City since 1996. He has led a wide variety of multidisciplinary scientific and engineering investigations with comprehensive stakeholder involvement and has extensive experience in ecosystem characterization and restoration—specifically in relation to the water quality and ecology of wetlands, tributary streams, and open waters of Great Salt Lake. Jeff has been involved with efforts to develop selenium and nutrient water quality standards for GSL, was the State’s project manager the GSL Integrated Water Resources Management Model, and has been helping form the new Great Salt Lake Salinity Advisory Committee.

Facilitator: Understanding Great Salt Lake’s Salinity Why Do We Care? What Are We Doing?



Why We Care

  • This is a fragile place, and a place where naked forms themselves give shape to our own often shapeless spiritual longings. We often wish to experience the non-city and the non-developed, to come close to a place where familiar things are not.

    Will South, Images of Great Salt Lake, 1996