Geoff McQuilkin

Executive Director

Mono Lake Committee


Geoffrey McQuilkin became a Mono Lake Committee member in fifth grade and his enthusiasm for Mono Lake has never waned. He has worked for the nonprofit Mono Lake Committee for over twenty years, including the past decade as Executive Director, giving him the chance to be involved with all aspects of the citizen group’s protection, restoration, education, and science programs. He can be found wherever Mono Lake advocacy is needed, from the lake’s salty shores to Los Angeles to Sacramento. A graduate of Harvard in the History of Science, Geoff lives at Mono Lake with his wife and three daughters.

Title: Keeping Mono Lake Protected: Vigilance Through Public Policy and Science

Friday, May 11th, 1:45 PM

Abstract: Mono Lake is well known for its scenic tufa towers, a legendary water battle over excessive water exports to Los Angeles, and a notable set of protections achieved over the past 40 years. Mono Lake and its tributary streams are now healing after decades of excessive water diversions, providing real world proof of our ability to balance human water needs with ecological protection. 

Continued protection and successful restoration require constant vigilance and continuing engagement. Science, advocacy, and sound public policy continue to play critical, complimentary roles in advancing tributary stream and lake ecosystem restoration. New issues constantly arise that require engagement from lake advocates, from climate change impacts to recent attempts to undermine the Public Trust Doctrine. 

The successes and lessons at Mono Lake offer hope for other threatened saline lake systems and suggest strategies to achieve their long term sustainable management.


Why We Care

  • How might we appropriately care for something if we do not know about it? How can we as citizens make informed decisions, without first being informed? We cannot.

    Bruce Thompson, FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake