Hikmet Loe

Teaches Art History at Westminster College


Hikmet Sidney Loe teaches art history at Westminster College and teaches for the Venture Course at Westminster College and Weber State University. She is an artist, writer, and teacher whose work draws inspiration from the smaller patterns found in the larger environment and from the changeable nature of land, water, and sky. She was the honored recipient of the 2014 Friends of the Lake Award.

Moderator: Still Great? Artists Response to a Lake in Crisis

3:35-4:25 - Friday, May 13th

Abstract: Contemporary artists, whose understanding of Great Salt Lake takes place on a human time scale, reflect this complex and dynamic ecosystem in their visual and written practice. Taking our impetus from an op-ed piece in the Salt Lake Tribune (Nov 2015) that led with the provocative title, “The Decline of the Once Great Salt Lake” we will hear three artists discuss their interest in the lake, see the impact a changed lake has had on their work, and discuss the level of awareness they bring to the larger community regarding our Inland Sea.