Eric Millis

Director of the Utah Division of Water Resources


Eric Millis is the director of the Utah Division of Water Resources and Utah’s interstate streams commissioner since November 2013.  Eric has worked for the Division for 28 years and served as the Division’s development director, planning director, River Basin Planning Section chief and as an engineer in the Division’s Investigation Section assisting applicants to the Board of Water Resources build water development projects.  He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and a registered professional engineer.

Panelist: Panel on Proposed Bear River Water Development

3:35-4:50pm Thursday, May 12th

Title: Planning and Current Status on the Proposed Bear River Development Project

Abstract: Development of the Bear River to meet the needs of the growing population has been considered for many years.  Over those years the time the project was thought to be needed has been pushed out several times.  It's an option worth considering, but balance of needs and resources and the many complex decisions involved will require coordination and input from many.  Eric will talk about the state's planning efforts on the project and its current status.