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It’s that time once again to invite sponsorship support for the upcoming FRIENDS 2024 Great Salt Lake Issue Forum, May 8-10th at the U of U Guest House & Conference Center. The title of the program is Great Salt Lake: To Preserve and Protect in Perpetuity. How Are We Doing? This will be the 14th biennial Great Salt Lake Issues Forum FRIENDS has hosted since the organization was founded in 1994. It’s heartening to realize how far we’ve come with the development and recognition of this program since then. Thank you for your participation to make it so.

In November 2022, Great Salt Lake reached a new historic low of 4,188.5’ asl. Salinity concentrations, the viability of the food web, productivity of the system, wildlife habitats, navigation, industrial operations, and public health from exposed lakebed dust were compromised. 

The timely appointment of the GSL Commissioner, who is working watershed-wide on behalf of the Lake, work being done by the Division of Water Resources and the Bureau of Reclamation to develop a Great Salt Lake Basin Integrated Plan to ensure a resilient water supply for Great Salt Lake and all water uses throughout the watershed, and significant legislative tools in support of water conservation and water for the Lake hold promise for effective and responsible decisions that will help preserve and protect this Public Trust Resource. 

The program is being developed by using the GSL Commissioner’s GSL Strategic Plan with reference to The Way Forward/Short Term (Next Year) objectives.

The program will begin with a GSL Watershed Basin perspective and then flow into specific research, management, and related issues on and around the Great Salt Lake ecosystem. 

In addition to the important contributions our Great Salt Lake “home team” will bring to the program, resources from Owens Lake, Mono Lake, Salton Sea, and Laguna Mar Chiquita, Argentina will be joining us to share useful insights about those saline systems.

The 3-day program will include awarding of the 2024 Doyle W. Stephens Scholarship to a graduate and undergraduate student engaged in research that focuses on Great Salt Lake, a Poster Session to learn about ongoing science and research, and a May 10th banquet at the Alta Club, where the 2024 Friend of the Lake Award will be presented. 

More details are becoming available at: https://www.fogsl.org/2024forum Sponsorship includes recognition on all forum related materials as well as 4 guest registrations for the entire 3-day program. Support ranges from $500 - $5,000 but any level of support is welcome and includes these benefits.

Please contact Lynn de Freitas, Executive Director ldefreitas@xmission.com or 801-450-6934 with any questions you have.

Thank you.