June 02, 2023

28th Annual Wallace Stegner Center Symposium Video Recordings

28th Annual Wallace Stegner Center Symposium

The Future of the Great Salt Lake

Recordings from the Stegner Center’s 28th annual symposium, held on March 16-17, 2023, on “The Future of the Great Salt Lake” have been posted online on the Stegner Center website. One of the world’s largest hypersaline lakes, the Great Salt Lake is on the verge of collapse due to climate change, drought, and population pressures that have reduced inflows and shrunk the lake by more than two-thirds. Given its unique nature, the shrinking lake presents grave risks to human health—referred to by the New York Times as “Utah’s environmental nuclear bomb”—linked to toxic dust clouds blowing shoreward from a desiccated lakebed. Please view and share our videos, which include a variety of speakers, including government and community leaders, scientists, conservationists, and water planners. Please view the symposium agenda for a full list of topics and speakers.

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