Kimberly K. Hood

Executive Director
Utah Department of Administrative Services


Kimberly K. Hood was appointed as the executive director of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for the State of Utah in 2006.  She serves as a cabinet member for Governor Gary Herbert and is responsible for day-to-day back office operations of government. Hood has held numerous public and private sector leadership roles including state-wide planning and economic analysis. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics from the University of Utah.

Title: The State of Utah Correctional Facility Relocation Project Update

1:55pm - Friday, May 13th

Abstract: The mission of the new State correctional facility is to build a safe and secure facility at the greatest value to the taxpayers of Utah with minimal impact to the environment.  The vision is to site, design and construct a facility that is cohesive with the natural environment while supporting the Department of Corrections in their efforts to reduce recidivism. Embracing the values of transparency, quality, flexibility and collaboration the goals will be to partner with all stakeholders, deliver the project on time and on budget, integrate bird-friendly design, and to construct a sustainable state of the art correctional facility that incorporates best practices, highest national standards and reduces the cost of the ownership for the life of the facility. 

This presentation will provide a status update on the siting, specialized testing, procuring of project partners, outreach efforts and funding for the new State of Utah Correctional Facility.