Founded in 1994, the mission of FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake is to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem and to increase public awareness and appreciation of the lake through education, research, advocacy, and the arts.  The long-term vision of FRIENDS is to achieve comprehensive watershed-based restoration and protection for the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem.

Every two years, FRIENDS hosts the Great Salt Lake Issues Forum. The goal of the forum is to encourage constructive dialogue about the future of the Lake’s ecosystem and its resources, and to illuminate the complexities involved in research, management, and planning for the Lake. But we also explore Great Salt Lake from many different angles and in many different contexts – far beyond its resource development potential – to emphasize its ecological value as well as its intrinsic value, a value that has contributed to our history, culture, and spirit.
Because Great Salt Lake is hemispherically important to millions of migratory birds, we look beyond our own backyard to the region, the hemisphere, and to global communities of saline systems worldwide. This helps us learn from others who are working with similar challenges, and helps to make the world a smaller place.

Board of Directors
President- Rob Dubuc
Vice President – Heidi Nedreberg
Secretary – Susan Martin
Treasurer – Cindy Lund
Juan C. Arce-Larreta
Natalie Avery
Amy Defreese
Scott Dwire
Kevin Emerson
Emily Gaines
Jefre Hicks
Margie Nash
Katie Pearce
Jamie Pleune
Executive Director: Lynn de Freitas
Education and Outreach Director: Andrea Nelson
Membership and Development Director: Kristin Liszkowski